About Lema’ancha

‘We want to let the light of Mashiach shine through our actions.’

Wiljo Beerens – President and founder

Our team

Meet our team

Wiljo en Annie Beerens

Wiljo en Annie Beerens

Founders of Lema'ancha

They travel back and forth between Israel and the Netherlands. In Israel they continue to build the project, expand contacts and support the team where necessary. From the Netherlands they promote the project by speaking at home and abroad.

Fulp en Fabiola van der Velden

Fulp en Fabiola van der Velden


They stay almost permanently in Israel to take care of everything, especially the reception and guidance of volunteers, but they also take care of many other tasks.

Willem Dane

Willem Dane

PR, Coordinator, Treasurer

Willem coordinates the people who have signed up and provides them with the right information. He also deals with P.R. He gives advice to the people who make videos. He also gets involved in keeping the blog on this website up to date.

Jennie Geluk

Jennie Geluk

General employee

Jennie is one of our staff members who you will get on the phone after signing in. She also directs other people who are added to the phone team.

Andrea Hoogendoorn - Pellikaan

Andrea Hoogendoorn - Pellikaan

Internal support

Andrea supports the staff members, especially when it comes to volunteer data. Andrea is also a link between various staff members in the Netherlands, Israel and Germany.

Een woord van de oprichter

In November 2023 quite shortly after October 7, the day of the terrible attack in the various kibutzim around Gaza, we went with three men from the Netherlands to Israel. We had heard that harvests were in danger of failure and that farmers around Gaza were in danger of going bankrupt one by one. Quite a few of the Thai workers were killed or taken hostage and the rest fled to Thailand. The Arabs are no longer allowed to enter the country and many of the Israeli have been mobilized to defend the country. And suddenly…… there were no more arable farmers.

The day before we left, I was given a Bible passage from Isaiah 61: ‘Strangers shall stand ready and graze your flocks, strangers shall be your field workers and your wine growers.’ And suddenly there we were in a millennial prophecy. us strangers at work in the fields of Israel.

There in that field with a tomato grower in Nahala. In a village near Gaza, thoughts spontaneously began to come to me. As helicopters and bombers flew over all day long and we heard the bombs falling in the distance, the thought occurred to me, ‘How can we bring more believers from the nations to Israel to come and help in the harvest?’

On the one hand, I saw the enormous need that was and still is in Israel. On the other hand, I thought of the many people in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany who love Israel. If we could mobilize large portions of those people to come to Israel NOW, NOW while the whole world seems to be turning against Israel, what a great encouragement that would be for the farmers. I could also see that if this were to happen, this could become very big, much too big for a simple man like me. If many volunteers were to sign up, it would take a good organization to manage it all. So I asked God, the God of Israel, our Heavenly Father, ‘If these thoughts are from You, if now is the time when strangers will be the field farmers, You will have to open the doors and You will have to bring competent people my way, because I have no idea how to manage this.’

And exactly that That is what happened and is still happening. One contact after another in Israel presented itself. That same week, a team of motivated people in the Netherlands naturally formed a team of people working in front of and behind the scenes, a team of skilled people without whom Lema’ancha could not even exist. A foundation was established, a website was built an ingenious registration system was developed, and people began to apply to come and help in Israel.

We as a team may plant and water, but above all it is God Who cares for His people and land it is the Father of Israel Who opens the doors. It is the Father Who uses believers from the nations to bless His people. This is also what the deeper meaning of the name of our foundation is. Strictly speaking, Lema’ancha means ‘for your sake’ but because none of what we have or what we do is ours, everything we give or do or what we are, comes from God’s Father’s heart at its deepest. Therefore, the deeper meaning of Lema’ancha is, ‘God’s blessing through you for the sake of others.’

I believe that the coming of the Mashiach is imminent. I believe that we as believers from the nations can even contribute to hasten that coming. Therefore, I want to encourage you as believers from the nations, you as believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, believers in the God of Israel, I want to encourage you to join us in this ancient prophecy of Isaiah and others.

What has come into being in 4 months in the Negev cannot be only human work. So far we have already welcomed just under 500 volunteers from different denominations to Nitzana. Here in the southern Negev, we are working with the farmers. We bring hope to the farmers. We let our light shine on the farmers. We have many testimonies from farmers who are incredibly grateful. One farmer said with tears in his eyes, ‘While the whole world is against us, you come voluntarily to Israel to help us. Could there still be a God of Israel who cares for us?’ An Israeli woman said, ‘Since Oct. 7, the corners of our mouths have been hanging down but when we see what you are doing here, a smile comes back to our mouths.’

In addition to working at the farmers, there is also time for relaxation. We take short trips. We pray together. We take prayer walks. We make music together. We think together about what unity is. We think together about what we have in common.

At Nitzana, we experience unity. And not just unity among believers from nations, but precisely the unity Yeshua prayed for in John 17:20-21: ‘And I pray not only for these, (His Jewish disciples) but also for them the believers from among the nations who will believe in Me through their word, that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You, that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You have sent Me.’

It is my passion to narrow the historical gap between the Jewish people and believers from the nations in order to become one together in the Mashiach of Israel. I hope that the testimonies on this website of those who have gone before you will fuel your desire to come to Israel. I hope to greet many of you here.

Lehitra’ot (Goodbye)
Wiljo Beerens – Chairman and Founder